“Wonderfully gloomy”- Billboard

“Fusing Leon’s honest and heartbroken lyricism with Perez’ mind-altering musicianship, Holy Wars constructed a gloomy and sonically charged pop-laced effort entitled Mother Father.”-The Noise(Livenation)

“L.A. rockers' latest clip takes on gender stereotypes with a knife”-Revolver

“Orphan” is stunning- Alternative Press.  “Orphan” listed as #1 on Alternative Press ‘songs you need to hear’.

“… Incredibly moving” - Huffington Post

“Here’s an act that could have been at Coachella. Stadium-ready and fierce”-Buzzbands

“...a distinctly heavy synth-rock sound that’s somewhere between Siouxsie and Suicide with a modern production sheen.”– Los Angeles Times

“Hearing Holy Wars on a stream is one thing, but seeing the band perform live is a whole other experience. Kat Leon is an enchanting performer, full of emotional and physical movement — something that needs to be witnessed live.” - Grimy Goods

Holy Wars was founded in early 2017 by front woman Kat Leon and co-creator Nicolas Perez (The Beta Machine, Kitten). The feel and sound of Holy Wars is intense, dark and romantically honest. This nature was spawned by Leon’s personal loss of both parents in short order in 2015. It was after that, in 2017 Holy Wars would erupt.

In the aftermath of their debut release, “Mother Father”, a dedicated set to Leon’s late parents that weaves through grim realities littered with misery’s carnage, they continue to pick up the pieces and glue them back together. “I'm just happy to wake another day,” says Leon, whose voice is blistered and bruised with a new song called “Born Dark.” They remain nearly as gritty and electrifyingly sinister as before, but a new freedom is unlocked in being playfully macabre and rhythmic.

The payoff is tremendous. “Born Dark” not only links the past with the present but allows for a stylistic and cerebral aftershock they have never before accomplished. Continuing their penchant for dark, tear-stained rumination on life and death, often feeling eerily reminiscent of Nine Inch Nails, Garbage and Yeah Yeah Yeahs, the new music is bigger and badder. “We were striving for more balance this time in the music to match the intensity of our live show. When we perform, we can't help but play with so much energy that it is like a cathartic ride for us and the audience. So, we wanted to make sure there was a bridge between that live feeling we make and the album.” The buzz from Holy Wars live show has landed them opening spots for Papa Roach, Death Valley Girls, INVSN, and many others. 

Bringing in outside collaborator Hunter Burgan (AFI) to produce, the song instinctually cracks the shell of humanity with more naturally occurring rhythms and heart-ravaging tribal patterns. Mat Mitchell (Nine Inch Nails ,Puscifer, APC) came in to engineer the clashing of guitars and the stunning vocal work, while Jeff Friedl (APC, The Beta Machine) added drums and other essential components. Additional engineering Jeff Sahyoun (Let Live

In 2018 Leon and Perez were hired by FOX and other networks to write for TV trailers and pilot episodes, an opportunity which influenced a whole new world of storytelling and sound. This opportunity inspired the cinematic elements in Holy Wars’ highly anticipated new single “Legend” (Produced by Hunter Burgan). Lyrically Leon digs deeper to her core, revealing buried thoughts of self hatred in a sonically beautiful juxtaposition of dark and light.


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